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Consult a Professional Digital Marketing Agency Before Going Online

These days every business should have an online presence. Doing business today is not like it was a decade or more ago. With laptops, tablets and iPhones, your customers or clients spend much of their time online, so this is where you must be. Otherwise, your business will not be as successful as it should be.

But getting online is not as simple as throwing up any website and hoping you will be found. Consulting a professional digital marketing agency before you start will enable you to get up and running without making many of the mistakes that can hinder your business and make it look amateurish, not to mention bury it many pages below the top search engine results.

Just as you wouldn’t dream of designing your own logo without any professional help, or writing out and designing an advertising brochure by yourself, so you need to consult a professional digital marketing agency to ensure you get all the components right. After all, your business website is a marketing tool, just like a big ad in the newspaper was for businesses long ago – and still is, to some extent.

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Google Search Console

How To Use Google Search Console To Improve Your SEO

Whether you are an SEO beginner and need simple SEO tactics or are a seasoned pro, Google Search Console has to be regarded as one of the most effective and powerful SEO tools you have available, and better than that, it is free.

Of course, there are many marketing tools and many variants of the ‘correct’ SEO strategy that can be paid for, and some of them are regarded as ‘must-have’ by a large proportion of SEO experts, but anyone who doesn’t use Google Search Console, is missing a trick.

To clarify any confusion, Google Search Console was previously called ‘Google Webmaster Tools‘ so you may have heard of, or even used it when it had its old name.

Its main role is to help monitor how your website appears in the search engine results on Google, and if there are any problems, to help you identify and sort them.

Those errors can come under many categories and require different actions which can include fixing broken backlinks, submitting sitemaps, or correcting technical errors that have arisen on your website.

As for SEO, Google Search Console offer huge opportunities for you to fix or optimise your website, and here are some of the ways that it enables you to do so.

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5 Tips For Entrepreneurs And Business Owners Who Wish To Invest In Shares

5 Tips For Entrepreneurs And Business Owners Who Wish To Invest In Shares

You may be someone who owns a business or who derives their income from several sources thanks to your entrepreneurial skills, and this post relates to another means of increasing your wealth, investing in shares. Share investment is one of the core means of wealth creation that financial planners regularly plan for and manage for their clients, and the beauty of share investing is that entry to it is relatively easy.

Unlike property investment where you need a huge level of capital or need to be prepared to borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can get started with share investment with as little as $1,000. Obviously, at that level, you are not going to earn a huge return, but it is a great way to dip your toe in the water and to see if you like share investing.

If you do, then and plan to significantly increase your level of investment, then we again stress it is important that you discuss this with Perth financial planners. Trying to trade shares without any advice or support is a recipe for disaster. In addition to speaking to your financial planner, there are several core principles that you must follow. These ensure that you buy and sell shares sensibly and that you reduce your risk of losses.

Below we have highlighted five tips as these are the most important ones to follow and thus stay true to share investing’s core principles.

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Why The Costs To A Business Of Drug Addiction Are More Than Monetary

Why The Costs To A Business Of Drug Addiction Are More Than Monetary

The people who require admitting to a drug rehab program come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Not all are the archetypal “down on their luck junkies” that the movies tend to depict. Instead many of the individuals in drug rehab are in professional roles, including lawyers and accountants, and others are in gainful employment.

A business and drug addiction raise many issues including what level of support is given to employees by employers when drug addiction occurs, and the impact that drug abuse can have on a business. Whilst supporting employees is a positive attitude to take by employers, the negatives that drug use can have also need to be considered.

For example, just an employee who suffers from drug addiction can cause not just for the business as a whole, but other individuals working within that business. Some relate to that individual’s ability to do their job properly, some are behavioural, and ultimately there are those which can create extremely serious consequences. First, let us look at some problems from drug addiction affecting how the person fulfils their role.

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5 Reasons Why Drug Addiction Is More Common Amongst Well-Paid Professionals Than You Might Expect

5 Reasons Why Drug Addiction Is More Common Amongst Well-Paid Professionals Than You Might Expect

If surveyed people about who they imagine a typical person attending drug rehab might be, it is almost certain that a majority would describe someone who has come from a broken home, perhaps an abusive childhood or whose life has been one mired in poverty. That classic model of a typical drug addict probably comes from media depictions of drug use and abuse.

Whilst it cannot be denied that some people who have not had the most idyllic of lives do turn to drugs, it must also be pointed out, that many well-paid professionals have also fallen under the spell of drugs and require drug rehab services.

Although they do not account for the majority of drug users, and some surveys put the percentage of those who could be classified as ‘professionals’  who admit to using illegal drugs regularly is around 10%. That might not seem a huge number, but it accounts for over 250,000 individuals who have a drug problem in Australia.

One myth to dismiss immediately is that the main reason professionals with high incomes are regular drug takers is because they can afford it. Ask anyone who helps those addicted to drugs and they will tell you that, for their patients, the amount of money they have is not what drives their drug use, it is their addiction. Actually, those with little or no income are usually able to fund their habit whenever they need to, albeit some may turn to crime to do so.

So, if their high income is not what drives their drug addiction, why do around a quarter of a million professionals in Australia, turn to drugs? Here are five of the most common answers to that question given by high salary professionals who have entered drug rehab programs.

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7 Reasons Every Family Lawyers Business Should Be Using Email Marketing

7 Reasons Every Family Lawyers Business Should Be Using Email Marketing

When it comes to marketing your family lawyers business online, there is one way to do so that has stood the test of time and that is email. Email marketing is tried and tested with countless businesses relying on its effectiveness to promote their goods and services for a significant proportion of their revenue.

Whilst no transactions usually take place via email, businesses of all kinds use email to communicate with their email subscribers and as that relationship builds it is part of what convinces an individual to become a client of that business. Like it has been with family lawyers that can be the reality for your family lawyer business too, and to drive that point home, here are 7 of the many benefits that using email marketing can provide.

Email Marketing Is Not Complicated

Whilst some online marketing methods such as SEO and PPC advertising require a significant level of knowledge and experience, email marketing can be learned relatively quickly. There are certain principle that must be followed such as not to disrespect your subscribers by emailing them only promotions and nothing else. Beyond that it is nothing more complicated than writing quality emails and sending them to your subscribers.

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The Three Stages of Sponsoring Overseas Workers For Australian Businesses

The Three Stages of Sponsoring Overseas Workers For Australian Businesses

For employers considering taking on workers from overseas, there is a process that must be followed to for a work visa to be granted that allows them to work in Australia. As part of that process, an employer is regarded as a worker’s sponsor, and it is essential that they what the approval procedure is. Failure to follow it can mean an application is rejected.

The main process has three stages to it, and we recommend seeking help from an expert migration agent in your destination to make the process as smooth as possible.

  • Approval Of The Business As A Sponsor
  • Approval Of The Position Being Offered
  • Approval Of The Visa

For each one of those three stages to be completed there are a number of requirements that must be met, and as you read on, we will outline the requirements for each stage.

Stage #1: Approval Of A Business As A Sponsor Requirements

In order for a business to be considered a valid sponsor of overseas workers it must be approved as a Standard business Sponsor (SBS). There are two main requirements which must be met. The first is quite simply that the business is currently trading and operating as a valid business. There is no minimum time on this, so even if it is a new business, as long as it trading normally, it can be approved as an SBS.

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5 Tips That Will Ensure Your Business Relocation Is A Success

Moving a business to a different set of offices or new business premises is a considerable undertaking, even for a small company. While you might have hired the best from Brilliance Removalists Melbourne to help you, it can nevertheless be an extremely stressful project, not just for the business owner but all the staff, too.

There are a multitude of steps and actions that will each individually help to make the periods before, during, and after the relocation easier to cope with, significantly if they contribute to the move’s success. To give you some ideas about what you can do, we have outlined 5 of the most effective ways to make your office relocation something to enjoy and see as a positive experience rather than a horror show you have nightmares about.

Plan for the Worst, But Expect the Best

No office relocation can succeed if it has not been adequately planned. This should start when a decision to relocate has been made and involve as many of your staff as possible. Your plan will cover all of the basics regarding your move, but it should also anticipate any issues that could arise. This is not to tempt fate but to ensure you are ready to deal with any problems.

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SEO Practices Google Frowns On

6 SEO Practices Google Frowns On

According to SEO Perth Experts, SEO practices can really help you to success in your website business, whether you want traffic that converts to customers or who will sign up for something you offer for free. As with most things, some people try and trick the search engines into giving them a high ranking, but increasingly these practices not only show them up in a bad light, but may completely ruin what could have been a bonafide, successful business.

Here are 6 SEO practices to avoid if you want the search engine gods to smile on your website.

  • Keyword stuffing. This is using keywords much more than is necessary for good grammar and relevant information. Some people even put in keywords to the extent that the sentence simply does not make any sense. Search engines are increasingly aware of this and will certainly not rank your website high if you do it.

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Web Design

Web Design Tips to Help Your Business Succeed

In many cases the web design of yesterday are now thought to be inefficient because they clutter up the website and give visitors so many options that they see leaving the website as an easier option. In 2016, the emphasis is on de-cluttering the look and feel of the website and only offering one or two options.

At the same time, websites must be responsive so that users of touch-screen iPhones and tablets can still access them and do all they want to on the website with their device. According to professional web designers, to achieve this some of the features we have become used to in website design are gradually disappearing or changing to improve the user experience. Here are some tips to help your business succeed with a modern, responsive web design.

Leave out the navigation bar

While many users are used to seeing the navigation bar down the left side of the page, the modern web page omits this. Tests have shown that visitors rarely click on it. They read what is on the first page and if they don’t find what they want, they leave.

A navigation bar is an unwanted distraction when all you need can be placed on that front page.  And you can have a full page spread without the navigation bar taking up room. In addition, that extra space often makes the website design pop. It’s like seeing a full page ad in a magazine compared with a three-quarter page ad.

Throw out free stock images

Stock images are the images that everyone uses because they are free. Rather than using those, images that are unique to your website are better. Visuals play an important part in attracting people to a website. If yours are top quality and unique, then you’ll be ahead of the pack. And if you commission them especially then you will be at the top.

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