RogueSheep is a software development and consulting company located just off the waters of Puget Sound in Seattle, Washington. We specialize in providing business and marketing advice whilst our design department specialises in publishing and graphics software, often with a particular emphasis on extending and enhancing Adobe’s Creative Suite products.

RogueSheep’s founders began their software development careers at Adobe Systems, where they helped to build and define the InDesign and InCopy family of products. After leaving Adobe, we concentrated our efforts on crafting new software solutions for the publishing and graphic art fields as well as emerging technologies such as the iPhone. We bring our passion for usability and design, as well as years of experience managing and developing software to every project we undertake.

Besides our own unique creations, RogueSheep endeavors to build world-class solutions for clients in need of our focused expertise. If you have a software development project in need of expert skills working with InDesign, Adobe’s Creative Suite, the Macintosh or the iPhone, we would love to hear from you.