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Best Web Design Tools Of 2019

The number of active websites on the internet is ever increasing, and there’s a rapidly growing demand for specialists in web design and web development in the modern world. It’s therefore important to current designers to be able to work as efficiently as possible to handle the workload that comes their way.

Luckily, there are a lot of website design tools out there that are designed to help make a designers life easier. I’ve crawled the web and consulted some of best web designers in the world, found on Slinky Directory, to find the best web design tools and I bring them to you in this article. Whether you’re creating a brand new website, or redesigning a website, the best website design tools of 2019 include:

Adobe Dreamweaver

Although it isn’t cheap, you should definitely consider adding Adobe Dreamweaver to you website design toolbox. It’s one of the most powerful design tools out there, and it essentially brings everything together into one place to allow those without a lot of coding experience to put their own website together.

Since you don’t have to have a lot of coding knowledge to use Dreamweaver, it has become a favourite among amateur website designers throughout the world. And, on top of everything else, it also makes it particularly easy to produce responsive designs, which are absolutely essential in the modern world.

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5 Essential Services A Professional Fire Protection Company Should Offer

5 Essential Services A Professional Fire Protection Company Should Offer

Whether you are in need of, or are considering, fire protection services, unless you have a comprehensive knowledge of the subject, it is understandable that you might not be aware of what exactly these kinds of services include.

Another variable will be that some fire protection companies will offer services their services almost like a menu where you select which individual ones you want, and others will package them up with several services included in each package. Regardless of how they are being offered to you, it is important that you are aware of what fire protection services are available to you, so we are going to briefly explain them to you.

One point we must stress is that given the huge diversity of businesses and organisations, and the buildings they are located in, we obviously cannot be too precise with respect to equipment and how each specific service will be implemented, for example. Each location and the fire safety requirements and risks within each will differ, however, we can give you an overview of what the services mean.

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5 Nasties That Lurk In Office Carpets Even If They Appear Clean

5 Nasties That Lurk In Office Carpets Even If They Appear Clean

The phrase ‘seeing is believing’ is apt in many circumstances; however, when it comes to the cleanliness and the hygiene of office carpets, it most definitely does not apply. By that, we mean that if you look at the carpet in an office, see it is clean, and believe that it does not require any carpet cleaning, you could be very much mistaken.

The reason you would be mistaken is that whilst the human eye is a marvel of our physiology, it cannot see the microscopic world within the fibres of a carpet. Were it able to or were you to examine the office carpet using a microscope, you would see that, rather than it is clean and hygienic, it instead plays host to an entire world of microscopic unwelcome guests and requires the cleaning services – Let us examine 5 of these miniature nasties.

Food And Drink

Whether it is coffee drips, small spillages from juice bottles or crumbs from sandwiches and crisps, even with daily vacuuming, some of these remain deep within the fibres of an office carpet. Whilst they stay, they are a magnet for bacteria and mould.

Even the occasional rodent out looking for food scraps could be attracted towards your crumb-filled office carpet, which also means that as nature takes its course, the rodent has to deposit its solid waste somewhere. If that is also on your office carpet, the combination of this and the other nasties we mentioned make your office an extremely unhygienic place to work.

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Improving Your Dental Practice’s Google Ranking With Effective Website Design

Improving Your Dental Practice’s Google Ranking With Effective Website Design

Any dentist who wishes to have a new website created for their dental practice to show off their skills in dental implants, emergency dentistry and teeth whitening – does not necessarily need to know all the fine detail with respect to the technical aspects of building a website. However, it would serve them well if they did have some knowledge of what specific elements constitute a good web design.

The advantages of this would at first allow them to discuss what they want for their website with more clarity, and thereafter be more able to assess how well the web designer had met those objectives. Moving on from that, knowing how web design can impact search engine rankings, is also a huge plus.

If you happen to be a dentist who is in fact currently planning a new website, and with that last point about how web design can impact search engine rankings in mind, here are some of the key elements of effective web design to consider.

Ensure Loading Speed Is Minimal

If you have ever clicked through to a website then had to wait any more than a few seconds for it to load, what went through your mind? Most likely it was not wanting to waste your time, and you probably clicked away to find a quicker loading site. Well, that’s exactly what visitors to your website will do if it takes too long to load.

Loading speed is a vital consideration for any website owner that wants good rankings so you must ensure that your web design takes account of this. Too many initial functions and large files are usually the cause, so ensure these are eliminated, or at least minimised.

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4 Ways A Business Can Relocate Its Office With Maximum Efficiency

4 Ways A Business Can Relocate Its Office With Maximum Efficiency

Office relocations can happen for all types of reasons. Some can be negative such as a business downsizing due to poor results, but many are positive such as a business expanding, and needing more office space as it employs lots of new staff. Other reasons could be that the lease on a particular office space is expiring and not being renewed. or even that the building that the office is located in is earmarked for demolition.

Relocating to another office can be a considerable project and will most likely require cooperation across a number of departments within the business, requiring business management. There is also the planning and the execution of the move to consider and the potential of lost revenue on the days that office relocation happens, that you will want to minimise.

To give you some assistance in ensuring that everything that you want to happen with respect to your office relocation, happens, and everything you do not want to happen, does not, here are our top tips for an efficient office relocation with the help of office removalists.

Plan, Plan And Then Plan Again

You might have surmised from that sub-heading that we see planning as important, and it most certainly is. The key to your entire office relocation going ahead with as little disruption as possible is how well you plan everything, down to the smallest detail.

If you have departments within your office get each department head to make their own little mini-plan as to what needs to be done in order to move their department. Make updates and alterations as needed throughout the planning stage so that on the day of the move, you are simply checking each stage of the relocation from a checklist as it happens.

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5 Unusual Team Building Activities With Specific Objectives

5 Unusual Team Building Activities With Specific Objectives

If you are a team leader, if you do even a little research you should be able to find lots of unusual team building activities that you can use to boost, enhance, and motivate your team. Whilst those three objectives we just mentioned are desirable, there are many other benefits that team building exercises can produce.

As the leader of the team this means that before you organise a team building activity, even one which is considered unusual, you should first determine what your goals and objectives are for it. Obviously, you want it to at least be fun for your team, but more importantly, what benefits do you want the activity to produce, and what are the positive outcomes you want for your team.

Without first establishing these and then arranging team building activities that can facilitate your objectives, the activity will be nothing more than a day out, and whilst it may produce some positives, it may not have satisfied the needs of that team as you see it with regards to making it a stronger and more focused team.

To help you make a better choice we are going to list 5 unusual team building activities that all generate one or more positive benefits for a team.


1. Axe Throwing

Objectives: Team Bonding, Communication, Leadership

Imagine throwing a dart at a dartboard, and then multiply the thrill and fun by about 100-fold and you might just get to where axe throwing is at. This is a great way to bond your team and to give everyone a competitive edge as they compete in teams to score the most points by throwing an axe and hitting as close to the centre of the target as they can. Find out more about Axe Throwing at www.kissmyaxe.com.au


2. Blind Drawing

Objectives: Listening skills, Communication

Two players sit back to back and one of them is blindfolded. The one without a blindfold is shown a word and then has to describe it to their partner without actually giving away what it is. Their blindfolded partner now has to draw what is being described. …

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Facebook To Promote A Dentistry Practice

Using Facebook To Promote A Dentistry Practice

If you are a dentist you presumably have an interest in how your practice or clinic markets itself in order to attract new clients and patients for cosmetic dental procedures. Obviously, the size of your practice may dictate the budget you have for marketing, but in truth, it is not so much the size of your budget that dictates marketing success, but rather, how effectively it is used.

One of the most popular means of promoting dental practices is social media, and the prime social media platform that businesses use to promote themselves is Facebook. As well as being somewhere where family and friends stay in touch and post funny videos and photos, it is also where literally millions of businesses find new customers.

In order to be one of those businesses, the first thing that your dental practice needs to have is its own page. This is basically your own little piece of real estate within the Facebook platform.

To use your page effectively you need to create useful content that you can post there. For a dental practice, these should obviously relate to subjects like oral hygiene, information about looking after teeth and gums, and news about new treatments, to give just three examples.

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Office Needs CCTV

Five Reasons Your Office Needs CCTV

If you own or manage a business, you probably already know just how important it is to have a high-quality, reliable alarm security system. Things like 24/7 monitoring and CCTV surveillance are crucial parts of looking after your business and preventing theft and vandalism.

However, not all businesses have CCTV surveillance or a professional security team included as part of their security system. Generally, this leaves you open and vulnerable to intruders, especially if the rest of your system is neglected or poorly maintained. In the rest of this article, we’ve outlined our top five reasons why you should always install security cameras and/or CCTV to protect your office.

  1. CCTV Reduces the Risk of Theft and Intruders

The simple action of installing visible CCTV cameras can help prevent theft and vandalism of your business premises. Visible cameras are a natural deterrent for intruders and can make burglars look elsewhere for an easier target.

This is logical and our primary reason for installing CCTV around your business. Really, why would an intruder target secure premises when there are so many easier and more vulnerable options out there?

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Terminate an Employee’s Contract

When Can I Legally Terminate an Employee’s Contract?

In Australia, both employee and employer rights are clear and comprehensive. In general, Australian employment law is fair and provides adequate protection for all parties. However, it can also be extremely confusing, just ask the experts at www.perthemploymentlawyers.com.au – and figuring out what your rights are can be time consuming and frustrating to say the least.

Fortunately, though, the information is readily available. An experienced employment lawyer will be able to help you figure out your exact rights, and it’s often worth spending a little money to hire one if you find yourself stuck in a complicated situation.

Contract termination is one such complication area, so we’ve decided to provide a brief overview of the subject from the employers point of view. With this in mind, let’s have a quick look at when you can legally terminate an employee’s contract.

  1. If There’s a Termination Clause in the Contract

Many employment contracts contain some sort of termination clause that provides a way out for those who want to terminate their employment early. Sometimes, these come into place if a particular event or action happens, or they may be triggered at an employee or employer’s leisure.

For example, a particular employee’s contract could have a clause that allows early termination without penalty if particular performance targets aren’t met. Note that it’s extremely important to read all contracts before signing them to ensure you know about and are comfortable with any clauses or other termination details they contain.

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Using Email

7 Benefits Of Using Email in Your Marketing Plan

If you are not using email marketing as part of your marketing and sale strategies, then we have one simple question to ask you, ‘Why not?’.

Hopefully, the reason is that you simply were not aware of the benefits of email marketing, rather than not believing it can work. We assure you email marketing does work, and in fact, it works wonderfully well for businesses, large and small, and at a global or a local level.

To reassure you if you have doubts, or to educate you if you have not seen what the benefits of email marketing are, here are seven of the most significant which can make the biggest difference to your digital marketing campaign.

Simple To Implement

Of all the online marketing tools or strategies that you might wish to start, email marketing is one of the easiest. At its very simplest all you need is two email addresses, yours, and the person you wish to email.

As a business you’ll obviously want to do it professionally,  so you will use an autoresponder service that allows you to set up your campaigns, run them and measure them, and it does so via one single log in.

Campaigns Can Be Set Up In Advance

The autoresponder service which we just mentioned is one that allows you to create a series of emails and have them delivered at a time and date which is predetermined by you.

What that means is that in a single afternoon you could create all the emails you wish to send, but instead of you having to physically press ‘Send’ for each and every one to go out to your subscribers, the autoresponder does it for you automatically.

That means you could be earning requests for information or sales from the emails you send out, literally whilst you are asleep.

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