4 Ways A Business Can Relocate Its Office With Maximum Efficiency

4 Ways A Business Can Relocate Its Office With Maximum Efficiency

Office relocations can happen for all types of reasons. Some can be negative such as a business downsizing due to poor results, but many are positive such as a business expanding, and needing more office space as it employs lots of new staff. Other reasons could be that the lease on a particular office space is expiring and not being renewed. or even that the building that the office is located in is earmarked for demolition.

Relocating to another office can be a considerable project and will most likely require cooperation across a number of departments within the business, requiring business management. There is also the planning and the execution of the move to consider and the potential of lost revenue on the days that office relocation happens, that you will want to minimise.

To give you some assistance in ensuring that everything that you want to happen with respect to your office relocation, happens, and everything you do not want to happen, does not, here are our top tips for an efficient office relocation with the help of office removalists.

Plan, Plan And Then Plan Again

You might have surmised from that sub-heading that we see planning as important, and it most certainly is. The key to your entire office relocation going ahead with as little disruption as possible is how well you plan everything, down to the smallest detail.

If you have departments within your office get each department head to make their own little mini-plan as to what needs to be done in order to move their department. Make updates and alterations as needed throughout the planning stage so that on the day of the move, you are simply checking each stage of the relocation from a checklist as it happens.

Have A Clear Out

There is no better opportunity for your business to have a clear out of junk and rubbish than during the planning and implementation of your office relocation. Every drawer, cupboard, shelf, and desk will have more than its fair share of unwanted, unneeded, or obsolete paperwork, equipment, and stationery.

Use this chance to get rid of it all, so that first of all you have less stuff to pack and transport on the day the office relocation takes place, and second, your new office is less cluttered when you unpack.

Label Boxes, Totes, And Packing Crates Logically

In order to ensure that when each item arrives at the new office it is taken to the sub-office or section that it is needed, it is vital that at the packing stage everything is labelled properly and clearly. This can be done by allocating equipment, office furniture and stationery to the department, the section, or the individual who they belong to. Normal white sticky labels should suffice for this.

Use Professional Office Relocation Experts

There is not any better recommendation we can make that will see your office relocation go as smoothly and efficiently as possible than to say to you to hire the experts who know how to do it. Their experience of relocating offices of all types and all sizes will ensure that they can help plan in the best way possible, that you have the correct packing materials necessary, and on relocation day make everything go like clockwork.

By all means get quotes from different office relocation companies, and ensure you check out their testimonials and referrals from previous customers to confirm the quality of the service they provide.