5 Essential Services A Professional Fire Protection Company Should Offer

5 Essential Services A Professional Fire Protection Company Should Offer

Whether you are in need of, or are considering, fire protection services, unless you have a comprehensive knowledge of the subject, it is understandable that you might not be aware of what exactly these kinds of services include.

Another variable will be that some fire protection companies will offer services their services almost like a menu where you select which individual ones you want, and others will package them up with several services included in each package. Regardless of how they are being offered to you, it is important that you are aware of what fire protection services are available to you, so we are going to briefly explain them to you.

One point we must stress is that given the huge diversity of businesses and organisations, and the buildings they are located in, we obviously cannot be too precise with respect to equipment and how each specific service will be implemented, for example. Each location and the fire safety requirements and risks within each will differ, however, we can give you an overview of what the services mean.

Bespoke Designs

As we have already mentioned each location is different and thus the fire protection equipment and systems will differ for each of them. This means that each location needs a bespoke fire protection system to be designed for it which will take account of factors such as the construction materials of the building, the layout, the use of that location, the age of the building,  number of people working in the building, plus any legal and insurance requirements that apply.

Full Installation

Once the fire protection system has been designed, whether it is for a new building, or replacing an old system in an existing building, it will need to be installed. The scale of the installation will be determined by the design and also how much of any existing fire protection equipment needs to be replaced. This can range from a few fire safety signs and some new fire extinguishers, to a complete overhaul with new fire detection, alarm, sprinkler, and suppression systems installed.

Regular Inspections

In any building, fire prevention is the number one priority over just dealing with a fire if it starts, which is why regular fire safety inspections are essential. Apart from the fact that they are a legal requirement, these inspections will ensure that all the fire protection equipment is in working order, that everything complies with fire protection regulations, and that no new fire risks have been created, such as flammable materials being stored incorrectly.

Regular Servicing

There is no point in having a whole raft of fire protection equipment in your building, if, when a fire does start, part of the system does not activate. One prime example of that is a fire extinguisher which will not operate as it had been previously discharged, or a fire door that will not close properly. This is why regular serving and maintenance of all fire protection equipment is a critical service that any professional fire protection company should be offering you.

Repairs On-Demand

Whilst regular maintenance and servicing will help prevent equipment from failing, it cannot exclude the possibility that something might need a repair. An example might be a  ceiling sprinkler head that is found to be blocked. Again, any fire protection company which  claims to be a professional one, will have a repair team that can be called in order to expedite any repairs as quickly as possible.