Business & Your Appearance

It is said that a woman’s age is told by her hands rather than her face. Whether that is true or not, many women in business turn to cosmetic surgery in particular botox in order to present a smooth and young looking face to the world. But if the back of their hands are wrinkled and spotted, their age is still going to show up. That is why it’s important to take care of your hands as well as your face.

There are many facial cosmetics that can hide small veins or age spots on the face, but not as many for the hands. In any case, you need to wash your hands often and that would remove the make-up on them. The best way to keep hands looking young is to slather them in moisturiser at night and after washing them.

Nail care is also an important part of looking after your hands. Beautiful nails are possible no matter what age you are. If your hands are in the public eye a lot, having pretty nails is essential. Having a manicure regularly is a good way to help keep your nails both healthy and beautiful. Every woman in business should learn to take care of her hands and nails in order to present the best possible image to others.

Someone who takes care of their face and hands in this way is more likely to be successful in business because people enjoy being around them. Of course, it is also important to treat people with respect, as well as to be pleasant and easy to get on with. A person who is always stern will soon have those facial frown lines on a permanent basis.

Good grooming is essential in business if you want people to respect you as a person and not just for the skills you bring to the table. Grooming is also done to help us look younger and there is nothing wrong with trying to cheat on Mother Nature. No one wants to look old before their time. Facial wrinkles and wrinkled hands are two of the most prominent giveaways as far as age is concerned, but sometimes your skin ages you faster than the years do.

If you were sunburned a lot as a child, or if you sunbathed or swam a lot in your youth, it is possible that as you slip into your thirties or forties your skin will appear older than you are.  This is when many women turn to Botox, to ease out those fine lines at the sides of their eyes, in between the eyebrows or on the forehead. It is also used on the lower face. However, moisturiser is also very useful for dealing with the problem – especially wrinkled hands.