SEO Practices Google Frowns On

6 SEO Practices Google Frowns On

According to SEO Perth Experts, SEO practices can really help you to success in your website business, whether you want traffic that converts to customers or who will sign up for something you offer for free. As with most things, some people try and trick the search engines into giving them a high ranking, but increasingly these practices not only show them up in a bad light, but may completely ruin what could have been a bonafide, successful business.

Here are 6 SEO practices to avoid if you want the search engine gods to smile on your website.

  • Keyword stuffing. This is using keywords much more than is necessary for good grammar and relevant information. Some people even put in keywords to the extent that the sentence simply does not make any sense. Search engines are increasingly aware of this and will certainly not rank your website high if you do it.

  • While links are an important SEO practice, they have to be high quality links. Sure, you can purchase links from a ‘link farm’, but they will not lead to information that is relevant to your website visitors. Search engines don’t like them and neither do your visitors, so you are doing yourself a disservice if you use them. Even free exchange of non-relevant links is frowned on.
  • You may think that ads can bring in some income, but if they are excessive or annoying, they will turn visitors off – and search engines don’t like them because they are often not relevant to visitors.
  • Mobile app Interstitials are off limits because a full screen ad for an app is not mobile friendly – or Google friendly.
  • Duplicate content is out. Google will not display two pieces of content that are exactly or almost the same as each other. And the one the search engine does display may not be yours, so watch out for duplication of your content on other sites and don’t think to get another webpage up quickly by using the same content you have elsewhere on the internet or even on the same website.
  • Hidden text and links. This can be done in various ways such as having white text on a white background, having text size that is zero and even hiding a link in a comma or dot. Google frowns on this practice and your website will suffer for it.

If you are serious about having a great internet website and business, it is wise to do the right thing and ensure you have quality information and quality links. Trying to get quick results with spammy techniques is something you will regret when the search engines find out, even if it does seem successful at first.