Adwords Marketing

Is Adwords Marketing Right for You?

Once you start looking into ways and means to advertise your small business, you will soon come across the option of Adwords marketing offered by PPC experts like Slinky Internet Marketing. This usually refers to Google Adwords. Google makes it really easy for almost anyone to set up an Adwords, or pay per click campaign, with options for much of the work to be automated, but that is not to say it is the best way to create such ads. It can be an option for those who find the process difficult and tedious.

Part of the automation process is that the ads are placed onto websites without any input from you. The keywords you use are what determines where the ads are placed. It is important then to use the right keywords. Some words sound the same but have different meanings so you need to use the negative keywords function to weed these out. Otherwise you will be paying for clicks from people who are not in the least interested in your product.

You have to set a daily budget for adwords. That will ensure you are not paying too much until you see what the ROI is. The trouble is, the less you pay the less your ad will be displayed. So is pay per click a good way to advertise? It can be, but generally speaking is best for those businesses that are a bit on the larger side. For instance, if you have one cheap product to sell, adwords might cost too much to make it worthwhile, but if you have 50-100 products, or even one product with a large price tag, carefully targeted adwords could be really helpful.

One good thing about adwords is that it allows you to trial different keywords and it is easy to pause a campaign for whatever reason, so it’s not like you have to pay out that daily budget forever. That said, It is easy to bump up your daily budget in excitement when those first sales start to roll in and if you are not careful this can quickly drain the money out of your bank account, especially if you happen to forget about it.

When deciding if adwords marketing is right for you it is a good idea to put some effort into learning all the ins and outs first – Google has adequate tutorials on it. You also need to take care to use the right keywords and constantly test to see which ones bring in the best ROI. Adwords marketing can be fun as you test and change those keywords, then wait to see what happens when you run them. Another option is to pay an adwords expert to do it all for you, if you have the budget for it.