Social Media Marketing Tips for Twitter

Twitter is a social media marketing platform that is sometimes overlooked by people with an online store because it is only text based – or was, that has changed now with one image allowed per post. Still, when you have a lot of products it is difficult to know what image to use. And since the text is not very long, you don’t get much chance to describe the product. So how can you use Twitter as a digital marketing platform? Here are a few tips from a digital agency to help you.

  • In actual fact, Twitter is stripped to the bare bones of social media marketing which makes it very easy and quick to use. Once you get used to ‘tweeting’ in short, succinct phrases you will find that your marketing efforts don’t take much time and can reward you much more than you would expect. You don’t have to set up a page, or worry about creating an interesting post that gives all the details. A few words and a URL and you’re done.

  • It is allowed now to use one image on Twitter per post. This is good if you are selling something like an eBook because you can use the cover image and have the benefit of more text on in the title. That offers you a little more room to put other text in the message.
  • You can follow or favourite those who retweet your posts to get a good following – easy as clicking. It’s easy to keep tabs on people who mention your name or use Twitter’s search function to find out who mentioned your URL. A quick post to thank them for mentioning you goes a long way for little effort.
  • So what else can you say in your tweets? You don’t have to mention a product or your business. Simply commenting on the weather in your location can get you a lot of followers – those who also live in the area. These are even more likely to purchase your product or services.
  • Find and follow another brand on Twitter that is similar to yours but not in direct competition and tweet a like about them. They will often retweet you and follow you back. And their followers are likely to do the same thing, so you get more followers who will read your next tweet.
  • You can use Buffer to extend the life of blog posts and content by scheduling tweets about them to go out at various times of the day. Look for other brands and people in your niche and mention their blogs in your twitters. You‘ll be sure to get some more followers who are interested in you because you point them to valuable information.