7 Reasons Every Family Lawyers Business Should Be Using Email Marketing

7 Reasons Every Family Lawyers Business Should Be Using Email Marketing

When it comes to marketing your family lawyers business online, there is one way to do so that has stood the test of time and that is email. Email marketing is tried and tested with countless businesses relying on its effectiveness to promote their goods and services for a significant proportion of their revenue.

Whilst no transactions usually take place via email, businesses of all kinds use email to communicate with their email subscribers and as that relationship builds it is part of what convinces an individual to become a client of that business. Like it has been with family lawyers that can be the reality for your family lawyer business too, and to drive that point home, here are 7 of the many benefits that using email marketing can provide.

Email Marketing Is Not Complicated

Whilst some online marketing methods such as SEO and PPC advertising require a significant level of knowledge and experience, email marketing can be learned relatively quickly. There are certain principle that must be followed such as not to disrespect your subscribers by emailing them only promotions and nothing else. Beyond that it is nothing more complicated than writing quality emails and sending them to your subscribers.

You Can Build Trust With Your Subscribers

Any success that a business has online is not normally an overnight phenomenon. These are very rare, and the more likely scenario is that a business has taken the time and effort to build up its marketing its followers and ultimately its paying clients. Email is a great way to build a following and trust in you and your business will increase as you send subscribers emails that contain useful content and information.

You Can Plan Emails In Advance

For email marketing to be done effectively you need to be using an autoresponder service. These services are where your list of email subscribers is stored and also where you create and schedule your emails. This scheduling feature means you can plan your emails well in advance and set them up many days before they are sent to your subscribers. This means you can potentially write a weeks’ worth of emails in one session, but they are sent out each day, one at a time.

You Have Multiple Ways To Promote Your Services

Although many people think of email as just text, it has greater potential than that. This means you have multiple ways to use it, especially with regards to promotions you might wish to try. You an do a one off promotion or promotions related to specific times of the year. You can also utilise other forms of media such a images within your emails.

You Can Send Bespoke Emails To Specific Groups Of Your Subscribers

Another feature of the better autoresponder services is called segmentation. This allows you to place individual subscribers in groups depending on actions they have taken. That could be something as simple as a group for clients and a group for potential clients, although the scope is much wider than that simple example. Once segmented you can then send specific email to each group making your email more applicable to them and thus more likely to get the desired action.

You Can Measure The Performance Of Your Emails

The key to excellent marketing is being able to test how it is working, or not as the case may be. Email marketing is no different and within your autoresponder there will a number of metrics you can measure. These include open rates and how many of those email opened also had the person click a link. Using this data you can strive to improve components of your email such as the subject line and the calls to action within each email, for example.

Email Marketing Produces Huge Returns On Investment

Lastly, and we dare say, most important of all, is the huge return on investment email provides. With an autoresponder service that costs little more than $20 per month you have a marketing tool that can generate a huge return on that investment, and certainly a better return than other marketing channels that cost way more than email marketing does.