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Running your online business like a rock star?

An interesting pocket of web design is found on Naldz Graphics, with a gallery of 40 websites of rock bands. Now, the point of this post is “look at designs, be inspired in your own designs” and in fact some of these might work better for businesses other than a band.

We asked our own resident rock ‘n’ roll expert (he has a Frank Zappa poster in his cubicle) to rate how these designs work for a band as a business case.

Here’s some of the verdicts:

Green Day – Excellent statement! You take your ’90s grunge roots and make it relevant today, which is exactly what your site does.
Rocket Club – Far too serious for a band. Redo!
Seether – Tshirts up front? Seriously? What, is your music no good, so you want to hide behind Tshirts?
Disturbed – Most. Awesome. Graphic. Ever. Especially for an alt heavy metal band.
Evanescence – Very nice, you get second prize.
Slipknot – I took one look and yelled “Slipknot, can’t you do anything right?”
10 years – That design looked great on paper. The web is not made of paper.
Pearl Jam – This web design would be perfect for you, if you were They Might Be Giants.
Muse – Too busy. But I like.
Good Charlotte – I hope angsty emo overweight teenage girls are your target audience, because you are driving everyone else away.
Hot Hot Heat – Toooooooooo much! It gave my eyes acid reflux! Takes ‘busy’ to a whole new level.
Coheed And Cambria – I’m confused. Is this a movie or a band?
Snow Patrol – There’s something too generic about this.
Papa Roach – I’m confused again. Is this a movie or a band?